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There is so much talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning at the moment, that it is hard to avoid writing something about it. If you dive into the landscape of commentary surrounding the topic you quickly realise that there are far fewer clear answers about the future impact of these
Good ideas don’t come out of thin air. The creative genius sitting in the corner is largely a myth.
By now you would have heard of the plight of Shannon, the entrepreneur behind the Ubuntu Baba baby carrier. If not you can read the original article here.
Employee engagement is all the rage. With worldwide research consistently confirming that the majority of workers are either under-engaged or actively disengaged, reinforcing what ‘in tune’ leaders know intuitively, finding ways to increase engagement levels has become a necessity for any serious hu
Most entrepreneurs focus on what they can do to get their businesses off the ground in terms of the market they sell to. Of course this makes sense, if you are not selling you’ve got no business.
Innovative, creative entrepreneurs often face the difficult task of educating their customer before they can make a sale. It’s a common challenge.
This will probably irk some in the HR profession, but I think the age of target driven performance management is coming to an end. As a manager it has never sat well with me, and whenever I’ve seen it implemented I can almost see the proverbial eyes roll among all those directly involved.