Limont Lehman

Navigating life as a conceptual creative, entrepreneur, angel investor, development sector leader, organisational polymath, futurist and meditator…constantly on edge of pulling it off!

Why I get up?

I am curious about experience, purpose, learning, happiness, creativity, collaboration and humanity. I am invigorated by opportunities that are exposed when technological advances meet cross disciplinary scientific knowledge. I believe the rapid pace of technological progress gives us the opportunity to explore, and hopefully exploit, what it means to be quintessentially human.

I love the organisation. How to get better at bringing people together to do stuff, and how to manage that for the enrichment of both the individual and the collective, I think is a timeless, noble and necessary challenge. I love being part of it.

Where I focus my attention?

The ideas I come up with, and the ones I am always drawn to, match three principles.

1) They improve access to critical services and expertise.

2) They take advantage of network effects and human interaction.

3) They reduce waste by maximizing the utility of assets and other resources.

I believe the future of work and business is a technologically underpinned, quintessentially human one. I only want to work on, and in, tech enabled ventures that add value to peoples’ lives.

My double life…

I busy myself with executive positions, entrepreneurial ventures, consulting engagements and startup investments.

My work on the executive team at SEAD, a niche South African health systems strengthening organization, where I head up innovation, blends technology, education and heart into systems that improve the lives of ordinary South Africans.

In my entrepreneurial life I envisage, test and seed new concepts, either on my own or in partnership with others.

Seeded ventures…

In the early 2000s, I tasted entrepreneurial success as part of 2B Reputation Intelligence, a cutting-edge business intelligence application that gauges corporate reputation in the popular press. After exiting to Dow Jones, our platform lives on as Factiva Insight.

I have founded, and am currently seeding, three very promising ventures. Contact me to discuss investment or collaboration opportunities.

  • PitchLab. A platform that connects entrepreneurs to angel investors using a natural, conversation first, mobile approach. Read more
  • Huddlewox. An AI powered application that tracks the health of relationships among colleagues in organisations by making sense of the their digital communication footprints. Read more
  • Cometseed. A startup studio that seeks to undo the inefficiencies inherent in classic entrepreneurial exploration. Read more

Work with me

I am a big thinker and an organisational polymath with unique perspectives on investment, entrepreneurship, culture, and society. I am intrinsically innovative, with a knack for inventing elegant solutions to complex challenges.

New ventures

Engage me to design, refine, invest in, or work on new ventures. Exploring opportunities is a continuous function of mine.

Professional consulting

I often take on professional engagements with a variety of organisations in the areas of strategy, solution design and organisational development.

Startup opportunities

I have numerous ventures which are ripe  early stage investment/career opportunities for innovative types.

Contact me